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ZORUDENA has a team of people who are committed to equip youth in Uganda starting with the district of Zombo district with the knowledge and know-how to handle business opportunities and future job endeavors. We believe that personal development, education and vocational skills development are the way to end poverty. We advocate for a better future for youth and women our project districts through all the activities and projects we do.

In line with the national need for vocational training, we support economic development, by creating partnerships and projects to inform, educate and train youth and women. We aim to facilitate and endorse a belief that vocational training will offer youth the chance to secure jobs faster, to be self-reliant and establish their own businesses.

Zombo District Health Officer, Dr Mark Bonny Bramali reveals that 70% of the recorded 2186 teenage pregnancy cases recorded are for girls between the age of 14 and 16 years. This results from idleness and among youths who in turn engage in to sexual relationship instead of doing production work. Icon read more


ZORUDENA’s vision is to create jobs and economic growth in developing the nation. Therefore, we have a project for skilling the youth and women for improved livelihood.

Photos of youths and women who shall be the beneficiaries

Skilling Youths

  Skilling women
Some of the frustrated and idle youths within the trading Center, yet energetic, and if given opportunity for skill development with a business perspective, could become responsible citizens. The project will empower them with skills. The peasant women who have are responsible for providing day to day needs of their Families, Yet with No Stable Household Income Source, and most of them are Single Teenage Mothers. This is because Men have abandoned their Responsibilities. 

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