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Environmental management programs supports the Uganda Environmental Policy and the overall goal is to reduce negative environmental impacts. This program was established to assure compliance with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) regulations.

NEMA spearheads the development of environmental policies, laws, regulations, standards and guidelines; and guides Government on sound environment management in Uganda. In doing this, NEMA contributes to social-economic development and wise use.

What do we do?

  • We plan trees. Cut one plan ten trees
  • We provide community awareness on the benefits of trees and conservation

Inter croping best practices

Environment improvement farmingIntercropping is a practice that involves growing two or more crops simultaneously on a same piece of land. The main advantage of inter cropping is getting higher returns from the same piece of land which otherwise not be utilized by a single crop.

Inter cropping needs a careful planning wherein the soil, water, climate, light etc are taken into account. While planning inter cropping it is important to select the crops which do not compete with each other for space, nutrient, water or sunlight. It is advisable to grow crops like shallow rooted crops with deep rooted crops, tall crop with a short plant, shade loving plant with light requiring plants, early maturing crop with late maturing crops etc.


ZORUDANA has a demonstration site where farmers can learn the advantages of intercropping which improves environment and increase food store with varieties of farm outputs. On the left is Mr. Omirambe who is pausing in the demonstration plot of beans, avocado, yams and banana.


Advantanges of intercropping

  • Diversity and stability of fields.
  • Reduction in chemical/fertilizer application.
  • A complementary sharing of plant resources, such as Nitrogen from Nitrogen fixing plants.
  • Weed suppression, and a reduction in susceptibility to insects and disease.
  • Varity yeild of crops.

We have a project on the improved environment management, climate change response and sustainable livelihood. Download it here icon pdf

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