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Many people remain poor or are thrown back into poverty because of conflicts, natural disasters, diseases, poor saving mechanism, corruption, or some other shocks which families and communities are just unable to cope with. ZORUDENA creates long lasting solutions to cab poverty and empower people to create a future that is secure by developing policy pathways, identifying the most appropriate sequence of interventions and investments, given our strategies and plans.


Saving is a crucial driver for universal social rights, economic development and quality job creation hence over coming poverty since we live in a region that has sufficient resources, means, and knowledge to solve these problems, yet our leaders struggle to find the political courage to tackle them. The blight of poverty demands a powerful and practical moral response to its causes and the impact of poverty on people's lives. Supporting groups that are suffering from exclusions in the labour market or a typical employment and help them to manage the unsustainable transitions in the economy.

  • Savings and credit schemes are a significant approach in organizing the community. This facilitates the access of financial services to the poor community living in rural and urban centres of which the majority cannot access the loans from financial institutions like banks due to different reasons including high interest rates and lack of collateral. Savings starts from organized groups within the targeted settlements through our mobilization efforts and later form up a network of many saving groups say the youth, women, and village saving groups.


  • By working together, we enhance our collective impact and cost effectiveness, and contribute to a just country/economy without poverty.
  • Donation to support the rural and urban poor marginalized people.


Zombo Rural Development Network Association (ZORUDENA) is located in Paidha Town council, Zombo district, and west Nile, Northern part of Uganda. Paidha Town is located 22km west of Nebbi and the Democratic Republic of Congo on the South. It covers the total land area of 897.6km2 (346.6 sq. miles).

The area is occupied by the majority Alur contributing to about 90% of the total population. Another occupant includes; Lendu, Ukebu and Lugbwara. According to 2012 population census, Zombo district had a total population of 219,800 with the majority being women. Due to influx of refugees from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo and tribes migrated to the area hence increase in the population of the area (to 240081 according to 2014 statistics).

ZORUDENA is among the registered organisations in the district with a number of different activities being carried out. It consists of members who are engaged in peasant farming, village saving groups etc. in which the majority of them are poor, living with petty work (casual), vegetable sellers, peasant farmers to earn a living. According to baseline survey carried out by ZORUDENA, majority of people live within Town where most of them operate their businesses.


Our team members are non-judgmental, good listeners, great motivators and community passionate volunteers – and perhaps most important of all, they have a shared, genuine desire to change our local community lives for the better future. Their hard work and dedication is our organisation’s strength.

ZORUDENA is guided by our Senior Leadership Team and Board of Trustees:





Chief Executive Director 




Executive Secretary 




Director Finance




Community Mobiliser




Program Director 



P.O BOX 75, Paidha, Zombo district (U)

+256(0)393194065 (Office)

+256(0)785394282 (CEO)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are calling for volunteers to apply in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • To aid (assist) communities to establish income generating activities (IGA) for the purposes of employment creation and improvement of income.
  • To improve on food security for the communities in Zombo district.
  • To create health awareness and easy access to health facilities.
  • To help reduce mortality rate among women of reproductive age.
  • To create conducive environment for the communities to form groups and identify appropriate, profitable and sustainable income generating activities among them.
  • To enhance the capacity of the communities and their categories to access services

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P.O BOX 75, Paidha, Zombo district (U), Paidha Town Council, Arua road

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