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(a) Advancing Sexual Reproductive Health in West Nile and Acholi Sub Regions”


On the 11th/May/2021, Zombo Rural Development Association (ZORUDENA) received an Invitation to the UFPC (AFP Smart) Advocacy Skills

Uganda Family Planning Consortium (UFPC) is one of the sub grantees to support Maristoppes Uganda to implement components of the UNFPA Netherlands supported Project: Advancing Sexual Reproductive Health in West Nile and Acholi Sub Regions.

The Uganda Family Planning Consortium ( UFPC ) therefore invites you for the (AFP SMART) family Planning Advocacy Skills Training workshop for SRHR implementing civil society members and Partners that will be held on 17th may 2021 to 19th May 2021 at Tripplex Hotel Arua.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

(i)      Introduce the AFP SMART Advocacy approach to partners

(ii)     Partners understand AFP SMART and how to apply it in developing advocacy strategies

(iii)    Partners develop advocacy strategies that their respective organizations can pursue.

The Goal was to:

Reduce the Un-met need for Family Planning by 10% by 2025

Activity overview:

With support from Uganda Family Planning Consortium (UFPC)/ UNFPA through a 3 days training of our 2 staff in Arua from 17th-19th May 2021, on the Advance Family Planning (AFP) SMART diffusion Approach, aiming to “Reduce the Un-met Needs of Family Planning by 10%”.

   At the training in Arua
 activity community health 1  activity community health 2

By the end of the training, Zombo Rural Development Network Association (ZORUDENA) together with Life Concern (LICO) developed an Advocacy Strategy for Zombo district. By December 2021, Zombo district Chief Administrative Officer issued a circular directing In-charges of all public Health Centers III and IV to dedicate at least one day in a month for the provision of Adolescent and Youth friendly services.

Activity Goal:                          

To reduce on the Un-met need for Family Planning in Alangi sub county-zombo district

Activity objectives:

(i)      To bring closure Family Planning services in the Community especially for the Teenage girls and Teenage mothers

(ii)     To great more awareness on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) issues.

(iii)     To involve the Sub county Stakeholders on how to reduce on Teenage pregnancy within the sub county.

ZORUDENA as the Organizer of the event and the activities implementation by:

(i)      Alangi Health Center III staff, as service providers

(ii)     Kebu Rigangi Cultural Leaders, as Mobilisers and also doing Sensitization to the Community members to embrace Family Planning services, and Child Protection to reduce on the high rates of Teenage Pregnancy in the sub county

(iii)     The Community Development Officer Alangi Sub County, and

(iv)     ZORUDENA team members.


  Family Planning services to both the Teenagers and the General Community​
activity community family planing 1 activity community family planing 2
Radio talk show and awareness on the teenage pregnancy

activity community covid awareness 5 radio show

activity community covid awareness 6 radio show

  Engaging Kebu Chiefdom, to fight Teenage Pregnancy 

 activity community family planing teenage preg 1

Kebu Clan Chief

 activity community family planing teenage preg 2

Kebu Chiefdom Cabinet

Engaging Kebu Chiefdom, to fight Teenage Pregnancy 

activity community family planing teenage preg 3

(a) Covid 19 Awareness at Paidha Health Centre III

  Sensitization on COVID 19 at the Out Patient Department (OPD)
 activity community covid awareness 1  activity community covid awareness 2

(b) Donations:

(i)      Face mask for the Health Workers (100 pieces)

(ii)     Soap for Hand Hygiene for both the Patients and Health Workers (2 boxes), and

(iii)    Liquid Soap (20 Litters) for the General Cleanliness at the Health Facility

  Donations made during the awareness day at Paidha Health Centre III
activity community covid awareness 3


Supporting Youth Group to make Leather products using Hides and Skins in Paidha Town Council. We are making Belts, Crafts, wallet and hand bags

  The Grass roots innovations

 activity community innovation 7

Liquid soap making

 activity community innovation 6

Liquid soap packaging

activity community innovation 8

Making of wallets, belts, caps using local raw materials.

activity community innovation 9

Innovation of making belts using animal skins


The goal of environmental conservation is promote of clean energy through use of Energy Saving Cook Stove and use of briquettes for cooking instead of Charcoal

 Tree nursery bed
 activity community conservation 10 activity community conservation 11 


Charity Run to END TEENAGE PREGNANCY in Zombo District, organiesd by Education and Sports Department in Partnership with Zombo Rural Development Netwotk Association (ZORUDENA) on the 23rd/12/2021 at Barr Okoro Stadium in Paidha Town Council.

Theme: Our Girl Children, Our Pride Safe the Future Charity Run 2021


Participants who were involved:

(i)     Adolescent Girls from Primary Schools within Paidh Town Council

(ii)    Boda boda riders

(iii)    Police

(iv)    Army

(v)     Individual Runners/ Participants

 Charity run - End Teenage Pregnancy and child mothers success story
 activity community charity run 12
 activity community charity run 13
 activity community charity run 15
 activity community charity run 16
 activity community charity run 14

 partner logo UFPC

Uganda Family Planning Consortium (UFPC)

 Republic of Uganda

zombo District Local Government (Education and Sports department)

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Adapcit Uganda - ICT solutions company

P.O BOX 75, Paidha, Zombo district (U), Paidha Town Council, Arua road

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  • RT @zorudena: Charity run to end teenage pregnancy was completed.
    December 23, 2021
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