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Zombo Rural Development Network Association (ZORUDENA) is located in Paidha Town council, Zombo district, and west Nile, Northern part of Uganda. Paidha Town is located 22km west of Nebbi and the Democratic Republic of Congo on the South. It covers the total land area of 897.6km2 (346.6 sq. miles).

The area is occupied by the majority Alur contributing to about 90% of the total population. Another occupant includes; Lendu, Ukebu and Lugbwara. According to 2012 population census, Zombo district had a total population of 219,800 with the majority being women. Due to influx of refugees from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo and tribes migrated to the area hence increase in the population of the area (to 240081 according to 2014 statistics).

ZORUDENA is among the registered organisations in the district with a number of different activities being carried out. It consists of members who are engaged in peasant farming, village saving groups etc. in which the majority of them are poor, living with petty work (casual), vegetable sellers, peasant farmers to earn a living. According to baseline survey carried out by ZORUDENA, majority of people live within Town where most of them operate their businesses.


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