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Zombo Rural Development Network Association (ZORUDENA) is based in Paidha Town council, Okoro county, Zombo district. The Association became functional and self-accounting in 2018.

The ZORUDENA's goal is to raise the standard of the local communities in Zombo district through provision of quality services. According to the national policy, the NGOs provides services to the local communities and currently the focus is on the interest group like; the youth, elderly, orphan, cultural heritage, tree planting groups, energy saving stoves, nursery beds group to tackle climatic change, gender awareness, covid 19 fight who are most marginalised in the society since Zombo district in partnership with the NGOs is implementing the program to support the organisation nationwide for that matter;  ZORUDENA is requesting for the grant to support the communities.


Zombo district being bordered on the south and West by Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), on the North by Arua and East by Nebbi district respectively posed it to more threats of refugees and coronavirus spread. This is coupled with very low living standard, poor sanitation, early pregnancy (marriage), higher competition for the health facilities and low level of enrolment in the Education. The majority of the population live on subsistence agriculture since they lack the capacity to modern agriculture. Zombo Rural Development Network Association (ZORUDENA) is therefore requesting for grant this financial period so as to support their activities in order to raise the living standard of the people.


Members who are engaged in peasant farming, village saving groups etc. in which the majority of them are poor, living with petty work (casual), vegetable sellers, peasant farmers to earn a living. According to baseline survey carried out by Zombo Rural Development Network Association (ZORUDA), majority of people live within Town where most of them operate their business.

The members run the organization through the board which include:

  • The community project management committee. CPMC
  • The procurement committee, PC
  • The community members, CM

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